Sinful Cinema

Game: Sinful CinemaTime: 30 minutes
Developer: Self PublishedAge: 18+
Players: 4+Replay Value: medium Low

Everyone grab a piece of paper and get ready to write a porno. Not really but really, Sinful Cinema has players coming up with the funniest and raunchiest porn parody titles for all our favorite movies. Some such as 21 Jumpstreet, 500 Days of Summer, and oh god–12 Years a Slave. In Sinful Cinema players are given a piece of paper and a pencil and all the creative control they can have.

Choose a judge and turn over the first movie Write what you would say is the best porn parody title for that movie and fold your answer. The judge will turn read the ideas out loud and give points based off who had the funniest one. There is a bonus point included to anyone who matches the same title as the Sinful Cinema writers.

Great list of films
Simple game play
It’s a judge style card game
Potentially low longevity


Most of us have played a judge style party game before so the games game play and flow are very similar to what we are used to. However, the creative side of things definitely gives this a nudge over most Helvetica Neue Bold type games. With each card, whether you have seen the movie or not, you can get a few chuckles from the clever and quick-witted. Everyone will be taking a turn being judge so you can enjoy trying to impress the humor of all your friends. A card like “8 Men Out (1988), and a very obvious outcome, ate men out, so anyone matching that would get their bonus point. Anyone who can do one better and win the laugh of the judge get’s two points.

Now, for those who are not quick-witted (like me), still enjoy hearing the titles of what people come up with even though we never win. I personally won a couple of similar title points because I had a couple of good guesses, but I’m not funny enough to be able to develop my own funny title as well as others. Which in some ways, adds to the fun of the night. In my opinion, every game night builds it’s own character and charisma which is reflected on the games played how the fun had.

What I Like

The game gives us a very nice big list of movies from all over the ages. Mind you, I am not familiar with at least 70% of these movies, but in a lot of ways it doesn’t matter. I don’t think context matters THAT much unless you are an incredibly clever writer–but then you wouldn’t be hanging out with simpletons like us, you’d be a stand-up comedian by now. The game play is also very simple. Like most party games, you take your turn whether you are a judge or a writer and then the funniest person wins. I would argue the hardest part if coming up with the parody name. Some names I was just stumped figuring out a good name–or maybe I was over-thinking it. I do appreciate that each card has their own parody title, goes to show the developers tested each card for having value rather than listing a bunch of movies and hoping it’s funny after print.

What I Don’t Like

I have played more judge style games than I am proud to admit. I would say I get more requests than I do choose to review than I am proud to admit. Every once and a while a judge game comes out that I think is different enough to be interesting (this one for example). Regardless, It still has the same game function so maybe players will be or are tired out of this type of game. I also feel, even with a nice array of movies, these cards will eventually lose their steam–they will have been seen before, players will have the right answer already, new players may feel behind. I do wish there was a little more artwork to be had. I thought the games cover was hilariously fun and I would’ve enjoyed seeing an attempt to some of these movies, even if it didn’t it the actual parody title–it would be something different and funny.

Final Thoughts

Many people choose to play party games because it is the most conventional and accessible for everyone. Whether you are new to this entertainment medium or not, it is easy to play. I think the porn parody concept is fun for a few laughs here and there but will eventually lose it’s charm. For a filler I think this could definitely do a good job lighting the mood, or starting a night off. Even without playing to the games end-game. Busting this out for a couple of rounds would be a good time.

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