Shit Happens

Game: Shit HappensPlayers: 2- 8
Time: 30+Age: 18+
Difficulty: easy mediumReplay Value: lowest

shit happens

Shit happens

Everyone has an idea of how miserable you can be when something bad can happen to you. For example, I’m extremely miserable… Oh that’s what it’s says… Comparing yourself go deaf versus being on the phone with the cable person. Very different shades of misery. Today I’ll be reviewing this miserable game shit happens. This is a 2-8 player game playing best at 4 for gameplay and game length balance. It plays around 30 minutes depending on player size by using card drafting and pattern placement. This is for those 17+ as it’s not safe for work with some of the content on the cards. Let’s see it.

likes and don’t likes

I like the idea a lot. I’m a huge fan of the game timeline personally, so this was a nice theme to tackle the idea of pattern building. And on top of that, it’s a lot more interactive as well, instead of placing cards that we pull in our own pattern we are testing our opponent’s idea of the misery scale for the victory of the card. 

While this isn’t a know it or you don’t type of place next game, I did find the game is more subjective than I’d like. Some of the ranked topics were a little off from my personal experience, and I shared this opinion with a lot of people I played it. The level of misery one card had would be drastically different from what I assumed. I also fear the longevity of this game because players will begin memorizing cards which would really hinder this game unplayable. 

Final thoughts

I love the color scheme and think the games art direction does a fine job interpreting what the atmosphere should feel like. Yellow Warning signs, with minimally shared feelings of how does our body react to specific situations. A tunnel vision as we endure some very miserable moments. 

If this sounds like something you would like, it’s a party game that incorporates simple gameplay. But the longevity issues do hold strong in my opinion.

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