SeaFall Brings us the Open Waters Review



SeaFall, by Plaid Hat Games, is a 3- 5 player card game which places you and your opponents into the great open waters, the world is nothing less than eager to be explored. The open waters are a brutal one though, as your command sets sails so does the world itself. Each game of SeaFall develops as you play it, similar to Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy. Players take on a role of an empire looking to stimulate their status through exploring, expanding, exploiting, and exterminating. Throughout each turn, or “years in-game”, you will be competing to reign dominant in trading, combat, exploration, while having the top score after every round. SeaFall introduces a “grudge” system to the game which has you hand any player you attack an “emnity” card which gives that player a bonus when battling against you in further battles. This “motivation” sparks an interesting curve of tactical decisions during game play. I could see this appealing a lot spiteful choices as the emnity cards influence greater reason to strike down your opponent.

What I have gathered through numerous sources is that each player will start with their own city along an edge of the board. As players are exploring the seas, each island will offer different events such as: enemies, items, resources, fortresses, and pirates. You’ll be sailing ships, funding actions, connecting guilds, and it’s speculated to offer an upgrade system for guilds and ships. The further out you sail, the bigger the risk can be–which introduces a nice difficulty scale along with the game, it could be safe to assume that different level of cards will be played depending on depth into the board game. Which also leads to the games “Legacy” effect that I mentioned earlier; as your game progresses so does the story itself. The game evolves as the history of your specific game develops. When a game ends, the winner can have a permanent advantage of some sort while losing gives you a temporary advantages as well. Realistically, this game is shaping up to be a real fun piece of information. Speculations are outwaying the facts and I am hoping SeaFall can live up to the hype.



Joseph Nicholas

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