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With the release of the SeaFall Rulebook. People have the opportunity to get a taste of what the board game will be about. Without throwing any spoilers at you I’ll give you a bit of a rundown of what to expect within the game. This will all be sourced by the Rulebook as I have not played this yet. The objective of a lot of what this game will be about is to collect glory. Being a legacy game developed by Rob Daviau (developer of both Pandemic Legacy and Risk Legacy and Betrayal at House on the Hill) Seafall’s campaign will last for 15 individual games, the campaign will be ending when one player has discovered the island at the end of the world. These individual games will end when one player has reached or exceeded the amount of “Glory” needed to end a game. Glory can be acquired a numerous ways, all which will show face throughout the board game entirety. However, to get you an idea of what starting options exist, this will be including: Completing endeavors, Buying upgrades, buying treasure, completing milestones, and hiring advisors. (found on page 1 & 2)

SeaFall looks absolutely beautiful and seems to be ready to present us with a limitless supply of freedom and strategy. It seems to be carrying a healthy amount of components including: storage chests, gold supplies, wooden cube goods like wood, linen, spice, and iron. You can expect a variety of situations to be worked out with reputation and fortune tokens used to hire advisors or avoiding bad luck respectively. Cards available will be such as event cards which will be triggering throughout the game. Leader cards which are representations of who you will be in game. (Found on page 6) The map will be made up of regions containing land. This will contain your home harbor, waters, empty seas, and islands. Throughout the map you will find icons such as docks, markets, garrisons, and repairs creating impressive levels of immersion. (page 7) Of course, portions of Seafall will carry over with every stage of the game. (page 21)

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some of the components taken from the rulebook


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