Scythe board game preview

What is this game called Scythe? What is Stonemaier Games?

For those of you who are familiar with Viticulture have had some interaction with Stonemaier Games. Themes of Wine to the the great war of the 1920’s, Stonemaier Games is a talented team of developers. If you are interested in more form this publisher please visit here you can find updates on the games progress. You will also find links to other titles they have worked on. Now what is scythe? Scythe is an up and coming board game for 2- 5 players and can be played in about 60 minutes. Scythe is looking at a between October 13- November 5 for kickstarter. We aren’t too far away from those dates but the anticipation is definitely there.

What is the Scythe board game about?

You are a leader (with an animal companion) after the great war that yearns to rebuild your lost honor. You are sent on a mission to explore the land of Eastern Europe after the brutal remnants of the war. “The Factory”, which fueled the war, created amored mechs in order to capitlize off humanities demise. With “The Factory” closed down, and the war over, this land once owned by “The Factory” is available for exploration. Interact with players via combat or by claiming territory and develop your infastructure in this new land. The game ends when the player has a placed 6 stars, through combat, objectives, popularity etc, which show off your achievements granted from the game.

Scythe in it’s glory is an engine building board game. upgrade actions, improve structures, and grow your area control on the map, enlist new characters abilties, and activate mechs to defend or attack opponents. Bascially, this game is looking and sounding awesome. Find more on the scythe board game here.

Scythe board game preview



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