Screw Thy Neighbor, Is it good?

Game: Screw Thy NeighborPlayers: 2- 12
Time: 20 minutesAge: 18+
Difficulty: easyReplay Value: lowest

screw thy neighbor

Screw Thy Neighbor

With the right friends any game can really be a good time. Realistically, it’s the experience and the bonding that truly makes a good time. Which is why a lot of party games get their status by emphasizing the fun of a good night with friends, not necessarily testing their gaming depth. Getting the right friends is a little harder of a time. Screw Thy Neighbor is possibly that perfect ice breaker for a group that’s still getting to know each other better still wanting to get a little uncomfortable. 

Screw Thy Neighbor is a 3-plus party game playing best around 5 or 6 and plays for around 30 minutes. To keep it simple, dealer deals cards to everyone. Everyone then takes turns trading with the player to their left. I’ll touch up on strategies around this later once trading has happened reveal cards. Whoever has the lowest card is screwed and whoever made them get the lowest card is the screwer. Take on a challenge and have the players vote who did it best. It has very adult themes so definitely categorizes this for game night of adults and thick skin. Let’s check it out.

Likes and don’t likes

Well for one, at this point I’m assuming everybody has played a judge style party game by this point. I like that anyone is victim to being in the challenge, it takes the heat off being the lone screwed knowing that whoever screwed you is going to compete against you.  Two different varieties of challenges and 3 different variations of gameplay. one-upping stories or acting out challenges. Casual play or competitive ply for points. Screw Thy Neighbor looks to appeal toward any setting. 

On the other side, accents are pretty niche and I think the consensus is that when players don’t know accents it’s just not as fun because they don’t necessarily have a chance at winning over others who do have accents. Personally, not a big fan of calling someone certain profanities and in this case I know it’s a game, but Some words don’t sit well people. And during our experience, we leave the name of the loser out of our play. 

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts? It’s another take of judge style party gaming. Two challengers compete in a challenge and players vote on who wins that challenge. Challenges vary between truth or dare expansions. I think the crude humor the game looks for is cool, just think they go overboard sometimes. 


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