Scrapbots Board Game Preview


If you’re a fan of building robots, pitting robots into heated battles against other robots, or are just lively interested in battling robots. Game Salute will be tickling your fancy with this new board game titled Scrapbots! The idea is you will be scavenging from a scrap yard to build epic battling robots in an arena against your opponents robots. Scrapbots is a game designed by Rick Collins of Game Salute, releasing in 2016 for 3- 5 players. This title will be published by Game Salute and Clever Mojo Games, the same publishers who brought us Alien Frontiers and Formul D.

Scrapbots is an epic mash up of Mechs, battlebots, and junkyard wars. Think Twisted Metal meets back alley’s of Big Hero 6’s robot battles. In fact, this game is pretty much just that. You will be building your robots from scraps and sending them out into an arena to battle. Each battle will earn you points for smashing each other and knocking off robot parts. When your robot is destroyed, you grab more parts from the heap and send another bot in for the tag team. Scrapbots seems to be about classic fun without the idea of competitor knockouts. The goal is to have the most points by the end of the set number fo rounds.



Joseph Nicholas

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