Game: Saved (Uffda Games)Age: 17+
Players: 3- 6Difficulty: easy
Time: 30 minutesReplay Value: higher

It’s time to reveal your vices and virtues in this game of religion. The end if nigh and its time to count your karma. Have you been a virgin your whole life or do you talk down to midgets (yes, these are cards in the game). 

Saved is a 3- 6 player party game for +17 that plays in about 30 minutes by having players looking to be the most virtuous player by the end of the world, I uh, mean game. This take that party game gives players a handful of cards ranging from vice, virtue, or morality. Play cards on yourself, or your opponents in order to lead the most sinless life. Keep in mind, karma is real, and is definitely detrimental if you don’t play the right cards before hand. 

Also, keep an eye on your religion and your player card as it may also play into how you should be playing your game. Religion can have unique scoring systems while the player card offers a special ability.

Unique party game compared to others
Cards are humorous
game play is quick and easy
karma is fantastically integrated
Slows down late-game

What I Like


This game is very unique to the typical structure we see in party games. Instead of judging everyones decision on an instruction–players are all competing to be the least sinful player in the game. Each card, regardless if it’s true or not, will have moments of laughter when being played on people or yourself. Cards such as “drinking way too much almond milk” punishing players with 25 vice points or loaning Tom Hanks your pink fuzzy handcuffs for 20 virtuous points.

The game play for Saved is very simple being a purely ‘take that’ with every turn. Each turn consists of playing a card on yourself or on others and drawing another card. Need to boost up your virtuous points? Or should you destroy a player with a strong 35 points of vice? Which leads to my favorite part of the game–Karma. If I did decide to play a 35 point vice card on a player and my next card I draw is karma, unfortunately, being karma has a virtue and a vice section, I’d have to do what the vice section says because well, we all know what karma is.

What I Don’t Like

Surprisingly, I didn’t have much to dislike about Saved. It’s very straight forward and it’s adult content is funny. We had some laughs, and we finished the game without much to complain about. My only gripe is I noticed toward end game, while we were waiting for a end card to show up (they are shuffled in the bottom half or bottom 3/4’s of the deck) we were almost anticipating the end card to show up. It was exhausting it’s fun, but that’s not to say if it showed up any earlier it would’ve still been a problem. I just feel, there is a time limit to this one.

Final Thoughts

Pretty cards, incredible use of karma, and a simple game to play makes this an experience worth trying. The simplicity of the game play makes this game available to all types of players including those who don’t play card games. The karma card introduces a little kick of fear, when it may or may not show up during the draw phase, and the cards themselves were fun. You never know what might or might not hurt someone, especially if their religion is anarchy. 


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