Game: Santorini Players: 2 sometimes 3 or 4
 Time: 30 minutes Age: 8+
 Difficulty: Easy Replay Value: High


Greek mythology has been the drive of the fifth century Greeks. Today we’ll be taking on these immortal powers, influencing our workers to greatness. today I’m reviewing this 2 and sometimes 3 or 4 player game Santorini which plays in about 15 minutes or less playing best with 2. To keep it simple, winning can happen by placing three levels of towers onto the play table and standing on the third level. The mechanics take on a simple taste with this abstract builder. move a player token and place adjacent or diagonal to that player token. The gameplay makes for a casual gaming session with a lot of tactical depth as plays go on. Each new God power makes for a new twist on the gameplay. It’s easy to play, easy to learn, let’s check it out.

Like and Don’t Like

I don’t like… God powers don’t always seem as balanced as others maybe by being too similar to other gods or by just not paring well with the opponents God. I also feel while I love the contents inside and think it’s a super pretty game–its a lot of components that will always feel luggy compared to other board games.

What I do like. While I find someone the gods incomparable to how great Santorini is. The game does not need the variation to be fun. Each game can be played without gods, with easy level gods or with more complicated gods. So there is never a balancing issue with gamer level and difficulty. It’s variable powers and levels of components make for gameplay with strategy, depth, and a very thinky experience–while also visiting the casual gaming side. With movement and building, stacking and eventually winning. The components look fantastic together the all white and blue domes are a great contrast and the artwork itself is cutesy and cartoons. Which may throw players off at first looking for a high strategy abstract–don’t be fooled. If you are looking for n abstract two-player game with multiple levels of difficulty this may be up your alley.

Final Thoughts

It is an all-around fun abstract with beautiful content. It is quick to teach and learn and offers multiple levels of depth depending on players and how heavy they would like the game. Santorini has an awesome variety of gods available changing up the style of strategy. If you want a great abstract with a relaxing theme thrown on top, this is it.


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