Santorini Kickstarter: Quick Look Into Building and Strategy

Santorini Kickstarter Preview

santorini kickstarterThis is the Santorini kickstarter preview. Santorini is a very easy to learn building game for all ages. While this game may has reached the hands of fans back in 2004, is being revamped and rethemed. This game illustrates a pure strategy and a willingness to compete for anyone who is looking for a quick game with easy-to-learn mechanics. The game is simple, along a 4 x 4 grid of squares, you will be moving your pawn forward, sideways, or diagonal and up or down levels. Each player gets to builders and 1 unique character ability. You’ll be building constructions adjacent to your builder increasing or applying a level to the grid. The game is over when your builder steps onto the third level.

The game offers a variety of fun thematic knick knacks including unique character powers, ocean, island, and grid boards to emphasize immersion, and a huge amount of strategy as you’ll be building towers and dodging character powers doing so. I know when I first initially saw the game I felt that it was a bit too simple. However, what I think adds to a lot of the flavoring are the ‘cap’ off’s that each player can choose to do. They turn off the third floor keeping it impossible for players to reach that third floor. This definitely delivers a heaping amount of strategy. I hope you enjoy this review and check out the Santorini Kickstarter!



Joseph Nicholas

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