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Sans Allies

With the amount of board games we have on our shelves, in our local game stores, and in our lists of “must-haves”, It’s interesting to me how often I wish for more solo play experiences. While I’ve noticed a growth in solo options in games. I’d like to some times play games that exist solely on a solitaire experience. Today I’ll be covering a game that will be hitting kickstarter soon. Sans Allies.

sans allies

Rulebook example of the pyramid

Sans Allies builds off of solitaire, the card game classic we’ve all played one time in our life. Sans Allies is a solitaire card game with a theme of 20th century warfare and technology, where you will be pushing through an enemy nation  developing a super-weapon. In Sans Allies, the enemy nation is represented by a pyramid layered card arrangement with the “enemy capitol” at the top. You will be working toward capturing the capital card, by traveling upward through the regions of enemies from the lowest level of the pyramid.


Each attempt toward the capitol is called an invasion. You’ll be gathering your military unit cards and attacking the pyramid summing values of offense and defense scores listed on each card (both on your side and on the enemies) to win. On top of conducting a powerful army toward the pyramid, you’ll need to rely on the luck of the die to determine whether your attempt is a loss or a win. You will also be able to capture region cards titled resource centers. These centers grant upgrades for your units such as base values and dynamic battle choices.

The Kickstarter will be coming soon, toward Q2 of 2016. Keep an eye out because this looks like a great resource for those looking for a bit of solitaire fun. For more information find their site here

sans allies

A bit of the concept art


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