San Ni Ichi: A ninja tale

Game: San Ni Ichi

Developer: Ironmark Games

Player: 3-6

Time: 20 min

Replayability: 8/10

san ni ichiIn a time where Micro games are flourishing it is starting to be troublesome dissecting the needle from the hay. Where a golden standard is now experiencing the Citizen Kane effect; finding a good game wasn’t as easy as it was before. San Ni Ichi breaks our dry spell and delivers one of the most epic ninja matches of Rock- Paper -Scissors and is the Spartacus of the over saturated card games.

card-2San Ni Ichi is a 3 – 6 player card game that involves a selection phase, an attack phase, and a damage phase. In the selection phase all players choose 1 of their 7 cards shuffled and dealt out and places it face down in front of them. All players then begin their attack phase, from lowest card strength to highest, place your attack on an opponent. Fire damages wood, water damages fire, and wood damages water. Weaponry acts as a strategic twist with high card strength and a more of a natural multiplier. After the Attack phase, the player with the highest card strength receives the damage while the rest of the opponents leave their damage in the combat section.

The cards are of high quality stock, and have a very appealing sketch-and-shade art work. Each cards delivers a satisfying strength, along with a healthy balance of difficulty. Having to decide if you’re better of placing your card in YOUR combat pile or attacking someone else.

I think I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptionally crafted balance that San Ni Ichi has. I can’t stress enough how important it is for a game to focus on the fundamentals of their game before branching out to the filler. San Ni Ichi is as close as fundamentally sound as it can get and I congratulate them.

If you haven’t secured your spot on their kickstarter yet now is the time to do so. This is a must have for your collection and a fantastic filler in between the hours of dense gaming. Not to mention, for a nocard-1vice, this game proves to be easy to learn and express hours of entertainment for a 20 minute game.

Check out their site here.

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Joseph Nicholas

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