Sails to Steam Preview

Sails to Steam Preview

sails to steamRoxley Game Laboratory has been a very efficient publishing addition to the board gaming community by delivering some unique and attractive content such as Steampunk Rally and Super Motherload. They have pushed extreme quality in their board games and I find their small but effective library constitutes credibility among the publishing superiors. Their title, Super Motherload, for me, dates back to my days in digital imaging class when I would spend my session playing Motherload on I have literally spent hours (a school year is 9 months, which I would say 8 months when subtracting days off, sick days, and end of the month confusion such as:28,30, and 31–leading to over 200 hours of Motherload) playing Motherload while topping on how ever many hours I spent playing PS4’s (when Super Motherload was the first and only purchase for my PS4 for a while) version of Motherload, Super Motherload. The board game? Just as addicting and definitely quenches my thirst for Mars excavation.

From racing to scavenging, Roxley Game Laboratory is working on a new title that will create an empire of followers; no really, Sails to Steam is an economical empire builder. Looking toward a Q1 2016 release, Sails To Steam, is a 2- 5 player empire builder. Starting with a fleet of canoes and sail boats, players will settle colonies, find new countries, and spread influence of their empire, demanding they’re dominance as their cities stand the tests of time! The board game has a leveraging economy that can hold a nice tactical advantage over the players. It will incorporate a decision tree, constructive development, and the beauty of a euro games salad style point system. Ships will implement different victory points depending on status and buying and upgrading options WILL be available. What really stood out to me about this game is it’s greed punishment system which introduces a loan system which seems to be what has attracted me the most to this title–it seems interesting.


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