Rulebook Revision

We take the time to help fix up rule books. I will go through the rule book, learn how to play, then implement feedback and help revise and reorder how the rule book reads. I make sure it not only demonstrates an easy fluid direction of setup, game play, and end game but that it’s accessible to the audience for a quick learn.

We charge $25 per revision.

This pays for the time learning the game (I do not need the game, just send me the rules and a video demonstration) and re-organizing the rule book. I will make my corrections on the already made rule book, and edit things around.

It wont be a final (I figured, you already know your way around the program you made the rulebook on) product in terms of I wont re-write the whole thing on my own. I will however, give enough correction that it will be easy for you to re-organize your work.

A failed rule book is a failed game.

Your advice for my rule book was a great help. When you build a game from scratch, it can be hard to convey the procedures for the game in a way that other people can easily follow. I really appreciate the time you took to make an easy to follow road map that made my rules more audience friendly!

Adam Mantha “Hemlock”