Root of Mali Kickstarter

root of mali kickstarter

Information provided by Daniel Theuerkaufer

What is the game about?

Roots of Mali is about the confrontation between two competing ancient tribes. Creatures from these tribes battle on the grounds of the Warlands to achieve total domination. There is a lot more lore to the game and its creatures but at its core the game is an abstract strategy game for 2 players.

How does the game play?


Players control creatures of various powers. They challenge each other with tricky moves, attacks and spells their creatures can cast. All this on a grid map with a layout similar to a chess board.


What to expect with the Kickstarter?


This Kickstarter is for Roots of Mali, the successor of Light of Dragons. LoD has already been released during SPIEL’15 and this Kickstarter is meant to bring the game system to a wider audience all over the world. Backer will get their hands on Roots of Mali, the limited 1st print run of Light of Dragons and together we can unlock some nice stretch goals to alter the gameplay and bring in even more variety. Plus some material upgrades.

Any final thoughts?

We are looking forward to meeting you and our backers during SPIEL’16 in Essen. The campaign features Essen pick-up, so let’s have a great party over there.


Joseph Nicholas

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