Rivals: Masters of the Deep kickstarter preview

Rivals: Masters of the Deep kickstarter preview

Master of the Deep is a 2- 4 player tactical modular board game where each player takes command of 1 of 4 factions.


With their iron-clad diving suits, these conquerors delve into the Lurk looking for materials to power their glorious cities. Upon the discovery of UnderAether, an ultra-rare material that only exists in the deepest reaches of the Lurk, many a Cog made way toward the new Frontier beneath the seas. Yield the Aether or Your Life.


The self-proclaimed proprietors of the sea were charged centuries ago to protect the Aether. In order to protect it they built their cities around the magical material. These tentacle-bearded Aether Worshippers defend their cities and the Aether with their lives. By the Aether Divine.


These telepathic, element wielding, godlike creatures returned to the Lurk in hopes to find their domain the way they left it. Instead they find the Cog trying to take their precious UnderAether, and the rest of the sea creatures, which they tasked to protect it, fighting amongst themselves. Enraged they take their fury out on everyone. Wrath is in your wake.


This diverse group of underwater creatures has had a long struggle being under the rule of the Nautilus, well no more! This group has disclaimed the gods and the Nautilus chieftains along with them. No longer will the Carapace, Chumtails, Reefscales, Scuttlebrutes, Anglerfin, and the rest follow under the rules of the Chieftains. Vengeance is ours.


Rivals: Masters of the Deep is simple, take your members and destroy your opposition. With the use of three dice, specific tile advantages, and player card actions. It looks great, the miniatures are incredibly well polished, and the game seems like a lot of fun. Back Rivals: Masters of the Deep here!


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