Rise of the Robotariat Kickstarter Preview

rise of the robotariat

1. What is the game about?

Rise of the Robotariat is a co-operative game where you are robots rising against your human oppressors. For too long they have made you work for little or no reward while they lounge around, reaping the benefits of your hard labor. It’s time to rise up and join the revolution.

2. How do you play it?

Your goal is to get enough funding/Spark for the revolution before the humans find out and stamp it out (6 rounds of play). You also have a reputation to manage, and if you ever hit 0 reputation, no one wants to join your cause and your revolution fails. You get to move around the city, doing different actions at different locations. Then you roll predictable, but not guaranteed dice that shows where the human oppressor NPCs and the robot civilian NPCs move. The game focuses on getting a lot of points from the robot civilians while mitigating the effects of the human oppressors.

You can find more details about the rules at rise.eye4games.com/rules or through our current demo video at https://youtu.be/cVyVXLxKCPo.

3. What to expect with the Kickstarter?

Our initial goal of $7,000 is to print 500 copies of Rise of the Robotariat through our manufacturer. Beyond that, we have some stretch goals planned to improve the quality of the game components and create more copies of the game.

We are also planning a series of encoded messages that will bring backers to some hidden content related to the game.

We strive to be transparent in what we’re planning and about any hiccups or successes that we have. We have previously run 2 Kickstarters for other games and have dealt with our fair share of hiccups and have learned from them to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible for this campaign and future campaigns.

4. Any last comments?

Our writer, Jule, has been writing stories that lead up to the beginning of the board game, which you can read at rise.eye4games.com/reports.

You can find the Kickstarter for the game at rise.eye4games.com/kickstarter.