Review: Good Cop Bad Cop Undercover Expansion

 Game: Good Cop Bad Cop Undercover (bgg) players: 4- 7
 Publisher: Overworld Games Age: 13 +
 Time: 30 minutes Replayability: 7.5/10

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Good Cop Bad Cop Undercover adds a nice twist to the base game of Good Cop Bad Cop. Undercover is a fun addition to Good Cop Bad Cop by adding the option to “cover” one of your integrity cards that are face down. What could this possibly mean? You’re deduction skills will be receiving an aid. Yes, you will be able to provide your enemies or allies with an expectation that you may or may not be covering the card that decides your fate. These cover cards also offer actions which can be taken as an action which adds a nice variety of new options for you to choose from (covering cards or using the cards ability). What I appreciate is how this expansion isn’t just another X amount of new cards thrown into the game. This game comes with a complete list of expectations for these cover cards to follow.

Now, my personal experience with undercover has increased the engagement of Good Cop Bad Cop by a tenfold. As I stated in my review, in my experience, once the gun phase began, it was a chase and hide until we were destroyed. With the cover cards, the strategy and action options were definitely heightened. I felt the base game was a perfectly effective quick filler game, now with the expansion it has become a must have deduction game for your shelves. It was great, I was finding it troublesome reading my opponents faces as I was eying which cards they chose to be covered and why they would cover them (was it honest or croomed cops?!?!). I was completely honest (3 honest cards) so there was a point where two of the 4 players were hinting at me being the Kingpin (which I wasn’t–I’m too righteous) because I covered one of my honest integrity cards. Definitely enjoyed this game an unbelievably large amount more with the expansion added. Therefore, what do I say? Fund it. Good Cop Bad Cop Undercover Kickstarter will launch on 2/16/2016 and be base priced at $14. Find it here.

good cop bad cop undercover

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