Regrettable Tattoo

Game: Regrettable TattooPlayers: 2- 4
Time: 15+Age: 15+
Difficulty: easyReplay Value: lowest

regrettable tattoo

Regrettable Tattoo

Anyone who has had tattoos at some point regrets a tattoo. Not necessarily because it’s bad, “show a bad tattoo”. But because at some point, multiple tattoos become a form of fun and a “yeah just put whatever you want on me”. Regrettable tattoo is a domino-style card game for 2-4 players that plays best with more than 2. This abstract plays around 30 minutes and has players avoiding points by playing cards offensively or defensively to avoid getting these bad tattoos on their body to score. Scoring happens by surrounding a tattoo or creating an anchor triangle on someone’s body. Draw and align colors with each other to place the tiles in place.

The game comes with hexagonal pieces mixing from tattoos that have different colored edges for matching or zaps, which are cards that remove a tattoo. Double sided and ready to go. Let’s see it. 

Likes and Not Likes

I like the gameplay of an abstract because it’s very direct and to the point. I don’t need to rely on ole’ lucky to provide me any wins because it really boils down to me having observed the play table enough to see every action and every winning action. Each unique tattoo is absolutely regrettable and double-sided cards gives you the greatness of these tattoos twice. I like the different styles of art and the subtle addition of traditional American colors and design for the outer part of the card. It’s an easy game to play because of its gameplay and Id consider it as a family friendly game if you’re open to crude humor. 

I don’t like how dull the game can be at 2 players. A very back and forth experience and while yes it’s playable, I’d mark it as 3+. The game itself from what I’ve seen doesn’t score high. If a player isn’t being proactive with their cards a game can end with 1 player at 10 points, one at 5, and one at 0. Scoring isn’t hard just time consuming and realistically can be avoided pretty easily if you collect enough zap cards. 

regrettable tattoo

Final Thoughts

It’s a straightforward abstract with a tattoo theme tossed on top. While I think theme matters, this one is just touching the average scale. Match colors and avoid having the most points. The artwork is applied well and the design is simple to play and easy to learn. I’m sure a couple rounds help you adjust your senses to gameplay for more tactical experiences. Would I consider it a high replay? Maybe it’s the crude humor, abstractness of the gameplay, or theme but I wouldn’t see this as much as Id like. Still a solid game. 


Joseph Nicholas

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