Red 7

 Game: Red 7 Time: 15 minutes
 Publisher: Asmadi Games Players: 9+
 Player:2- 4 Replayability: 8/10

2015-08-27 14.02.05

Red 7

I tend to lose in nearly every game that I play, but I still have that competitive itch that’s been bugging me since–oh I don’t know–5 years old. I grew up having academics and extracurricular activities be my main focus, making me a proponent of some healthy competition. Although it is as equally important to know how to lose as it is to win, winning every once in awhile tastes just too damn sweet. This past weekend, I was introduced to Red 7 by Asmadi Games and the objective of the game is perfect for the friendly competitors’ soul: if you don’t win each round you’ll lose the game.2015-08-27 14.01.43

Red 7 consists of a deck of 49 cards, all numbered 1-7 with one of the seven colors of the rainbow. Each color of the rainbow has a specific rule attached to it, and the numbers found on each card will play into the rules depending on what rule is currently in play. To start the game, each player (2-4) is dealt 7 cards, with one additional card faced up. The Canvas is where you’ll be placing down cards to change the rules of the game, and the start of each game will begin with the “you are playing red” card on the canvas. The cards in your hand can do two things: played and added to your Palette and/or discarded to the canvas to change the rule. You must ensure that you are winning the game at the end of your turn or you will lose. If you cannot play any cards and choose to do nothing, you will lose.

The game play itself is really simple–just be sure to be winning the game at the end of your turn. The actions you are able to take include play a card from your hand face up in your palette, discard a card from your hand to the Canvas to change the current rule, or play a card from your hand to your Palette and then discard a card to the Canvas. A pretty clever component of the game was the naming of the Canvas and Palette–the layers of color added to the center Canvas and your Palette are what will lead you to victory. The artwork on the card itself is representative of a splatter of color or a blob of paint–once again, cleverly done and to the point.2015-08-27 14.01.56

Final Thoughts

Overall, the game is a simple and fast paced game that will be a crowd favorite. It will satisfy your little competitive spirit at the end of each turn, and allow you to have a healthy level of strategy practiced. Definitely something to add to your list of games to play in the break room.



Stephanie Am

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