Control by Keymaster Games: Quick Look Into



Control by Keymaster Games is an interesting 2-4 player 15 minute experience of time travel and refueling. As time travelers from alternate time lines–you aren’t fond of rupturing fabric between space and time. No, definitely not, that sounds like a start of a bad day. However, in Control, it’s inevitable because that is exactly what happens. Each players time machine is draining fuel, pushing your travel into a limbo, and fuel is scarce among you and your opponents. How to survive? (win?) Fuel your time machine (to 21 or more cell charges) before your opponents fill their machine or else, you’ll be stuck in this limbo for.. Ever!

Control seems like a very fascinating change of pace from your average card game. Through out the game you will be drawing cards which will allow you to either install fuel cells, burn fuel cells, or defuse fuel cells. What does this mean?

Install Fuel Cells- A silver or Bronze fuel cell can be installed which goes toward your goal of 21 (cards have numbers in their corner).

Burn Fuel Cells- A bronze  fuel cell can be burned (which sends it to the discard) and will trigger an ability on the card.


a few cards and their abilities

Defuse Fuel Cells- A silver or bronze fuel cell can be used to defuse an opponents installed fuel cell.

As you can tell their is a level of interaction available in the game which keeps the games momentum going. As you are installing cells into your time machine, you need to find yourself on pins and needles because at any moment you can have a target on your back (especially if you winning. in my case, my friends hate me, I was losing and still was targeted). Your cards can be spent (burned or defusable) rather than saved (for points toward your 21) in order to strategically maneuver yourself into the lead. Each card will have its own number, name, and color which can be placed toward your fuel charge, however, the higher the level, and depending on the color, the better the ability could be if you are looking to take a tactical route to the top instead. Find the Kickstarter here.



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