Quick Look into: All Tricks No Treats

All Tricks No treats

Looking for an abstract experience that heavily relies on the left over candies after a long night of candy hauling? I mean, those pretzels, pencils, and maybe those black licourice candies (I hope I don’t offend anyone). All Tricks No Treats is a card game that creates a theme behind the left over “treats” after a long night of Trick or Treating. How to win? Have the least amount of junk candy as you can.

all tricks no treats

Prototype of All Tricks no Treats

All tricks No Treats is an abstract card laying card game for 2- 4 players. Players take turns placing treats down to minimize their low end treats. Keep in mind, the cards you have in your hand could potentially be the “treats” you wouldn’t want. Each card can have treats such as pencils, candies, rocks, pretzels, and popcorn which are all reflective of the good and bad candies you wouldn’t want. While not much has been spoken of on this game, All Tricks No Treats was shown at Metatopia 2015.


Joseph Nicholas

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