Quick Eye: The Visual Creation Card Game

 Game: Quick Eye Time: 15 minutes
 Publisher: Zoom Kids Hk Age: 5+
 Players: 1- 10 Replayability: 7/10

quick eyeQuick Eye: The Visual Creation Card Game

Quick Eye is a great example of exercising your creativity and imagination. In Quick Eye you are drawing cards and coming up with an object that can be described by the words. The game comes with thirty cards, all given their own unique word. Depending on the variation of game play you choose (which is balanced by age), you will draw cards up to three and everyone will simultaneously shout objects, living things, locations out that can be described by the cards drawn. While this isn’t an original idea, the value of the game makes for a refreshing taste of card drawing. The rules are simple enough to be able to get a game going within a few minutes, and the experiences last no longer than 15.  I do feel the box could have been trimmed down a lot in order to fit the cards better–but it isn’t impractical. Quick Eye a fluent design with a nice quality of play.

My Experience

I played this title with a friend and we were able to jump into the game right away. I drew Alive, Dry, and Prickly. Being extremely quick on my feet I yelled out Cactus. I collected my three cards and celebrated my newly acquired points. My opponent drew small, liquid, and beautiful and immediately shouted out rain drop. I agree, that was a good object. My next draw was short, rubber, and metallic and I personally was so stumped. My opponent shouted spatula! She wasn’t wrong at all, I cook with a small spatula that is rubber and has a metal handle. As you can see the availability of gameplay makes this a lot of fun. The rules don’t clarify how far of a stretch objects can go,  if we DID feel that the object didn’t make sense, a simple explanation can earn you the points. In the end, I won with three more cards than she did. Sure, some of how answers did not make sense, and some may have come off a bit appropriate, but that’s what was so much fun about this game. It’s something that expands out to a huge variety of players.

Final Thoughts

This is a great game for huge groups to groups of one. There is not much interaction between players but the simultaneous action makes it so you are consistently involved with the other players. There is no learning curve, however creativity doesn’t come quickly, that can take a bit of practice. The pacing is fun because of how quick the gameplay can be and there the time to setup definitely compliments it’s quick experience. I do feel there is a lot of replay value with this title because of all the combinations of cards you can come up with, however, I don’t think each combination is as fun as the others. Some of the words have a harder time getting along with others and that can make for very stretchy answers.

You will like this game if you like imagination and creating ideas that match components.

You will not like this game if you would like more than one word cards, If you aren’t creative, or if you are a rule stickler.



Joseph Nicholas

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