President Bigly

Game:President BiglyPlayers: 2- 5
Time: 15+Age: 8+
Difficulty: easyReplay Value: higher 3/ 5

president bigly

President Bigly

Exploding kittens was one of the hottest games of 2015 as well as reaching over 1 million dollars on Kickstarter. With that being said it’s nice to see other people tackle this new genre of quirky player elimination. President Bigly grabs ahold of the quick luck of the draw gameplay and elaborates a little more on how the game should be interacted with.
This game plays 2- 4 players playing best at 4 the for full effect of cards and luck of the draw. I’d say it’s family friendly but see this being played more in a casual group setting. Children will love it. It plays in about 20 minutes or less and uses card drafting and hand management to play. Let’s see it.

How to Play

What I like

I like that the game is quick pace and interacts differently depending on initial setup. Choosing between chaos or tranquility really asks, do you want to be eliminated first or last. It doesn’t necessarily ad a 180 to gameplay but it is fun to use some of the duo cards for different strategies. Another example of unique play are the power combos the pairs of cards provide whether you’re stealing cards or moving cards around in the deck. So skillful application of the cards abilities can be the success to outchaos-ing your opponents. Which leads me to this, when players catch on the each cards ability your really just outbluffing your opponent with quick gameplay and concentrated movement.
president bigly
What I don’t like is when a hand is specifically unique single cards of the pairs there isn’t much to do than draw a card and hope for the best. The king of the world card has yet to be executed because it’s pretty difficult to collect enough unique singles from the pairs the win the game. Which makes sense, it’s an auto win so of course it should be difficult. The game so far has ended before anyone has been able to complete it. Even if I were to use a combo to steal another players can I’d need, in that case, Id lose a card I had, meaning I now need that one.

Final Thoughts

But let’s be real. The verdict here is¬†President Bigly a super quirky and quick card game with a lot of player interaction and just enough depth sprinkled in to relay a fun bluffing player elimination card game experience.
president bigly

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