Partee Cards Card Game

 Game: Partee Cards Players: 2- 4
 Publisher: Self Published Time: 20 minutes
 Age: 17+ Replayability: 7/ 10

partee cards Partee Cards Card Game

We have a wild new party card game for players over the adult age which includes building one of the most epic parties and ensuring no weirdos, no angry drunks, or no stoners come through to hinder the experience. This title is equipped with plenty of options within your hand of five cards. You can build your party, sabotage neighboring parties, or use special cards to either bounce out lame party goers or pay cops who may have crashed the night. On your turn, you have two actions which include: playing a card from your hand to the party, discarding a card, or playing a non-party card. The goal is to play five party cards before your opponents.

This is a fun twist on your classic party card game featuring coming of age elements with the foundation of the experience around building an epic party. Partee Cards is functional with accessible rules and gameplay that is easy to learn. I was surprised to find it entertaining with any amount of players. While I’ve never been a fan of Take That, I think the sabotages aren’t too drastic to have a negative effect on my experience, but can still help fluctuate winner outcome.

My Experience

I played with one other player and we found that there was really no early game indicators of a winner. I began my first turn by playing two party cards (only allowed on the first turn). After my turn, I grabbed two cards from the deck and began working on a strategy with the five cards in my hand. I noticed I had a couple party cards that were duplicates of an already played party card, I figured I could use these as discard cards to build up a better hand. I also had a clogged toilet skip card to give myself two turns, eventually. My opponent played one party card and a sabotage card of stoners which removed my Weed den party card. Now, we were both even in party cards, I figured I pushed two turns out in order to clear my deck and hope for some good cards. I played the clogged toilet and a weed party card (that I recently lost but had a duplicate of). I grabbed two more cards from the deck and discarded my other weed den. I also had a bad DJ card, which could be played when my opponent has a DJ in his party.

There was a point where my opponent had four party cards but unfortunately (and fortunately for me), drew an immediate play card, uh oh, his parents came home and busted his party (he lost all his party cards). Somehow, he still won the game by throwing a couple angry drunks my way waiving my opportunity to win until I’ve gotten rid of them. Before I was able to take care of the angry folk, he built a party of five cards and won.

Final Thoughts

This is a great game for two or more players. It’s essentially a quick party card game about set building and sabotaging opponents. It’s directly interactive incorporating a lot of sabotage cards which do a great job relating with the theme and interrupting a players gameplay. Partee Cards itself is highly thematic and each card sticks true to the experience. I enjoyed not seeing any filler cards with typical actions–I find those showcase a lack of hard work. It’s easy to play, easy to setup, and a great value for the money.

You will like this game if you’re of adult age, enjoy set building, and like Take That party card games.

You will not like this game if party themes aren’t your favorite, or you’re looking for a board game experience not  a card game experience.



Joseph Nicholas

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