Overwatch Best Hero Tier List Rankings

overwatch top tier list ranking

Overwatch Best Hero Tier List Rankings

With this game reaching numbers far passed many games have seen this early into release. It’s around the time everyone is settling into their favorite characters. Everyone has their play of choice, whether they are healers, snipers, or jack of all traits esque. Overwatch has truly brought to us something remarkable and we all must thank Blizzard for this new addiction of mine that will surely last a couple years (as long as we see constant updates and some new content).

This list is obviously not the official choice for Overwatch or user choice but strictly off of my gameplay experience. I have been playing this game since it’s first beta and have watched as many of my favorites have been nerfed and with recent nerfs (Mcree), my choices and list continues to change. As of now, I am committed to my decision for the Overwatch Best Hero Tier List Rankings. The choices below have a blend of favorable characters from my preference, favorable characters seen in game often, character abilities, and character gameplay strategy. Some heroes we have seen on other lower tier lists made, I seen a potential in their form that I think can make for a mean character.

Overwatch Hero Tier List and Character Rankings

 Tier 1 Lucio
 Tier 2 Widowmaker
 Soldier 76
 Tier 3 Reaper
 Tier 4 Bastion