I was recently introduced to Fluxx and although Outsider is not completely the same, it is very similar in terms of having a goal that continuously changes throughout the course of the game. I myself was not a huge fan of Fluxx because I don’t have the greatest eyesight and hate squinting to read the rule on the cards, but Outsider did not require too much reading other than the rule book.

My initial impression of Outsider was that it would be way too advanced for my level and liking. The rule sheet is rather long, and could get a little confusing, but it will all make sense once you start playing it through. (For all you novice gamers out there, I highly recommend that you allow the game to play through one trial run, let it marinate for some time, re-read the instructions, and play it again).

In Outsider, Instantaneous travel has brought humanity to the furthest reaches of the stars, while the cards that make up the game keep me on the furthest reaches of my seat. Outsider is a 3 to 6 player semi cooperative card game that takes on the role of crewmates repairing their space vessel and the dark that slowly, but surely, consumes their sanity.

I played as the Navigator as the rest of my crew consisted of the scientist, and the quartermaster. So it’s safe to say I felt safe… Or did I? Knowing one of us could’ve been consumed by the dark only made me resolve my goals with much more strategy. I couldn’t help but think of the film “The Abyss” and how the deep blue consumed the sanity of many of the crewmates on the USS MONTANA–so I was hoping my experience with the film will help me win in Outsider.

Fortunately, The Quartermaster (Who was consumed by the dark) was no match for our team as we finished our last goal and declared victory. It’s alright though, I’m hoping this will bring sanity back to our Quartermaster.

I had fun with the game, it was interesting, it supplied us with a good use of our time, and it was definitely aesthetically pleasing. I did however, find the rule book to be just a bit confusing at times and we almost felt as if the rules were now made off our interpretation. But it was nothing we couldn’t resolve on our own.n Luckily I was playing with two others who are avid gamers.

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Stephanie Am

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