Outburst Game Table Relief in Small Sizes

Photo from kickstarter

I’ve had my fair share of table flips when I’m upset and decide to totally annihilate any chances of losing. But fortunately, Outburst Game Table fixes this anger issue by allowing me different types of small sized tables to flip and my leisure (Because I leisurely flip tables from time to time).

In all honestly this is a neat little gift idea or just something to keep along to hold stuff. It is mentioned to give this a go at being your cup-holder or your trophy stand, however, I’ve been using it to take photos of my games! I like to elevate pieces over others for a bit of a shadow look–and it does a great job creating enough drop shadow to my liking.

Photo from Kickstarter

Two tiny tables for 5 dollars is actually an incredibly good price and from what I saw over at the kickstarter, anyone could have the tables customized to their liking, logo, favorite game, and so forth. Assembly is a bit of a struggle but nothing impossible. I struggled a bit more with the circular tables than I did with the square table.

Visit the kickstarter!