Oracles Hybrid Board Game Preview



Oracles is a 2-10 player per team AR hybrid board game where two teams face off for control of the partan civilization. What I’m assuming we’ll be seeing with oracles. Is a huge out tactical war between the darkbornes and the celestials . Attempts at a truce being broken. It’s expected there is nothing left but full control over partan, either bringing that civilization peace or control. Reach the end of the tavern of your enemy team to win within a stayed length of rounds. If the tavern isn’t reached, count your team’s stars. This game plays simultaneously from the teams so be fast!.


Myoracles Thoughts

I was given a sample version of this game to check out and honestly, I’m excited to review this AR hybrid of what games can eventually become. The idea of seeing our games come to life will bring to us a whole new adventure of gaming and the immersive reality we play in. Oracles seems to be a great idea of where we’ll be seeing our heavier games head toward. Each card representing a character through 3d visuals all having their own skills. Some cards are able to interact with each other for example the dragon rider. The board itself almost reminds me of what I wish I had during my dnd days. Yes, I could’ve colored and created my own world but I’m not that creative and insecure about it. This game can swap between ar and none ar depending on player preference. To really break this down. Area control, dice rolling, team playing battle-it-out board game. Sound fun? Absolutely.¬†


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