One Deck Dungeon Preview

One Deck Dungeon

When it comes to Asmadi Games, we shouldn’t expect anything less from exciting and innovative. One Deck Dungeon is a rogue-like card game designed by Chris Cieslik. Adventure deep into dangerous randomly rendered dungeons in search of treasures, reputation, and honor. Like an RPG, prepare your player with progressive new skills and loot. Enjoy dungeons full of difficult experiences such as traps, monsters, and bosses in order to acquire some loot and new skills for your player(s). What is great about this game is the opportunity to prepare for each encounter. Consume potions, initiate skills, roll dice, and use skill in order to be fully effective during the encounter. With each encounter, inroduces higher levels of difficulty ensuring that your engagement with the game is not one to forget.

One Deck Dungeon is designed for 1- 2 players (cooperatvely). Set up is easy and with additional copies of the game you can enjoy expanding the player count for an even better experience and more difficult dungeon crawl. The game is over when your damage equals your health or when you defeat the boss. This game is currently a PNP version but we are expecting  to see this hit kickstarter by fall of 2015!

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