One Deck Dungeon Kickstarter Preview: Small Box Dungeon Crawler

one deck dungeon kickstarterOne Deck Dungeon Kickstarter Preview: Small Box Dungeon Crawler

This One Deck Dungeon really emphasizes the ability Chris Cieslik, of Asmadi Games, has in developing board games. We see prevalent features from older titles take on new roles in his new title One Deck Dungeon. In this dungeoneering card game, you andor another player will be delving deep inside four levels of a dungeon. Destroying enemies, traps, walls, and other dungeon type enemies you could imagine encountering. Choose between a Rogue, a Warrior, a Mage, or and Archer–all offering unique stats, skills, and abilities for the adventure.

Like I mentioned before, if you have ever played Mottainai, you will be familiar with each card offering you a selective amount of options for your action. You could use it as a crafting item, you can save it as a resource, or you can use it in your sales. This makes it so every game can deliver an almost unique experience and tragedy. One Deck Dungeon seems to be no different. Each encounter victory can give your player a few of the following options with your deceased enemy card. You can get a new weapon, collect loot, have a new skill, and so forth. Your character will be developed to your specific liking. We also see a nice use to dice rolling mechanics. Each enemy has a collection of dice rolls needed to conquer. Collect your stats dice’ and roll for victory!

This is one of those titles I was really excited to find. It looks like a fun little card game fit for solo play (which I appreciate). It’s not too heavy but offers enough to keep the game fulfilling. I’ve read it’ll be reaching kickstarter sometime in May–so here is to hoping. I know I’ll definitely be pledging for a copy for their One Deck Dungeon Kickstarter.


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