One Deck Dungeon IOS

One Deck Dungeon

If you’re anything like me, then you would enjoy a nice dungeon crawler from time to time. Back in 2016, Asmadi Games developer, Chris Cieslik created a solid dungeon run similar to his other titles which incorporate a multiple use card. Now, if you ARE familiar with some of the heavier Asmadi Games, you would know that the rules are punishing and the game play is trickier–but once the game is learned is a very very positive experience. Well, fortunately, that difficulty learning curve is looking like it’s ready to fall.

The Female Heroes Come to IOS

¬†There is something extremely awesome about IOS games that help teach a difficult game like it’s nothing. Back when I first started gaming, I remember buying Star Realms on the IOS and having an absolute blast with it only to purchase the card game itself, and being glad I learned the game before hand. While it took me many attempts to learn One Deck Dungeon, I was finally able to figure it out and enjoy a couple play troughs of it. Once I get it on my phone I will now figure out if I’ve been playing it right this whole time. Check out this and more from Handlelabra here!

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