OMZ! Oh My, Zombies!


Game: Oh My, ZombiesTime: 20 minutes
Publisher: Omz Team (Kickstarter)Age: 12+
Players: 3- 6Replay Value: medium high

Some would say, “oh great another party game and of course, another zombie theme” and I would most of the time say yes, I see your point–we’ve seen it done that. Oh My, Zombies takes a turn near the fork, and while the destination is the same, the sights are different. The omz team brought this game to life as a way to maintain the contact between their friendship; a game that was fun and quick to give people a chance to take a rest from their busy lives and to enjoy quality time together.

With that said, Oh My, Zombies is a 3- 6 player card game playing in around 20 minutes for ages 12+. In this card game, players are trying to accumulate 7 checkpoints before anyone else. These checkpoints will ultimately lead the player to safety therefore winning the game. Sounds simple enough but do not forget that this is during the zombie apocalypse, you never know what zombies are hiding around the corner! (and by corner i mean in another players hand who is itching to lay it on you to ruin chances of winning).

quick and simple
lively artwork
casually cutthroat when it needs to be
solid game play
Rulebook needs improvement

What I Like

First and foremost, I’m sure casual games are my strong suit being my game groups like to push a lot of light hearted games over some hour long journeys.  So, When I am able to find a game that I can tell is being enjoyed with my friends, then I am a happy host. Oh My, Zombie definitely brought the fun. While it seems simple to play checkpoints to reach endgame, and using safe houses to protect your played checkpoints from any harmful zombies–you never know what a player has up their sleeve.

One moment you could be in the lead with 6+ checkpoints and next an opponent could play a zombie shaman on you turning all your checkpoints to 0. Now you’re scrambling for a charm that could fix your zombie issues while also strongly looking for revenge ready to sabotage that players entire checkpoint haven. It’s that interactive experience that is hard to create.

The artwork fits the game play and pacing. The zany zombies with their correlated abilities help drive the attitude of the experience. Grandpa Zombie forces a player to show their newly drawn cards , Gatling Gun removes a zombie from your zone, etc. While it sounds a little violent I would argue it’s actually a very family friendly game. 

What I don’t Like

I am playing a prototype version of Oh My,  Zombie, so I am not expecting for a perfect game. However at the current state of the game I think the rulebook has some issues that need to be resolved. I think a lot of what makes a rulebook great is explanation. There will be times a player will run into an issue and would seek the rulebook in order to find out answers to what they need resolved. It’s important to  understand that keywords and terms need to be consistent in order to teach a game correctly. I noticed this games terminology and game play explanation falls short in a lot of ways. One example being, an explanation of zones and how players can interact with them. Or finding a umbrella term for the checkpoints and safe houses–so it’s easy to fall behind in the learning process.

Final Thoughts

I think a rulebook is very important to a game because it’s literally the double helix that creates the experience. Without it we are left with components and confusion. Aside from those hiccups I do think the game is great. It’s a light take that card game about escaping the apocalypse. The cards interact with each other well and the game doesn’t tire out. I’d recommend this to players looking for a new filler game or something that plays in 20 minutes.

Why a medium high replay value? Overall, It is a fun game that is a good time with friends. While it is easy to bring out and play often, I think the game play itself will exhaust at some point and the buzz of checkpoint building may wear off. But not til we’ve put a few dents into it.


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