Okey Dokey Card Game: A Cooperative Hand Management

 Game: Okey Dokey Age: 6+
 Publisher: TMG Time: 20 minutes
 Players: 2- 5 Replay Value: 9/10

okey dokey card game

Okey Dokey card game

Cooperative games come and go, but a great cooperative memory and hand management card game like this one? this will stick with me. This game pits you and your cooperative team (up to 5) in a musical festival. This festival contains some of the best animal musicians playing the bass, horns, drums, and so forth–this will be us and we will be creating the show. Throughout the game, players will be playing cards from their hand onto the field. The objective is to lay out all 50 cards (5 columns and 10 rows) in ascending order with a mandatory recent card in each row. Seems simple right? Players are not allowed to communicate what cards they have and there is only 1 of each number… So there is that.

My Experience with this Okey Dokey card game

I played a couple different rounds of this. But I will document my most recent two player game on easy mode. With the easy mode, we throw 3 wild cards into the mix (if you want the game to get harder remove wild cards). I started the game and played down a 2 green. My cooperative teammate (my brother) played a 3 red. I played a 2 Purple. He played a 1 blue. I used a reset card in the for the orange column. Just like that, we finished column one. Let’s continue, shall we? I played a 3 purple, he played a 4 purple, I played a 5 red, he played a 3 orange, I played a reset in blue. This continued for quite some time, we followed the rules for the most part (there are specific speaking rules we were getting used to). But in the end, lost. It turns out we played a 7 blue way early on in the game and didn’t realize that ruined our chances of winning until after we played a reset card in the wrong row. But regardless, I was eager to start the game over and try to win. Then when we would win that–remove wild cards until we are animal musical masters!

Final Thoughts about the Okey Dokey card game

This is an awesome cooperative card game for up to five players. It’s not directly interactive with actions but does have players interacting with each other to verbally. It takes a couple of rows until you get the “ohhh, I get it!” learning curve leap. I love the colors and the simplicity of the game, but enjoy the strategy of the verbal interactive rules with the cooperation. I think the replay value is high with this one because of how fun it can get. Especially when players throw in cards that you wish they didn’t because you had a better one to play. It kind of reminds me of Hanabi, but I think it’s because of the cooperative hand management and trust me, I am not mad at all about that. This game IS colorblind friendly because of the animals on the cards.

You will like this game if you want a high strategy coop game that is quick and easy to learn.

You will not like this game if you’re looking for something a bit more complicated with mechanics.


Joseph Nicholas

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