Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!

now everyone get the f%$# outGame: Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!

Publisher: Starcap Games

Players: 3- 5

Since I was a kid, I genuinely believed that I would be able to go far away from home to an out-of-state college and really live my college years. To my very rude awakening, I ended up going to a junior college and transferred to a local university, about 20 miles north of where I live. At any rate, I was never much of the partier throughout my college years, mostly because the schools I went to were commuter schools and everyone kind of just went home after class. But I have heard some stellar stories on my way to class on the beloved Friday classes, where most kids were still hung over from “Thirsty Thursdays” at “_____.” Luckily, I’ve been able to live my so desired college dorming years through Now Everyone Get The F%$# OUT! by Starcap Games.

You and 3-5 other players are college students trying desperately to study for that one final that’s in the way of graduation. To your guys’ demise, you all are living in the dorm hall of the most chaotic dorm party, where you have completely inebriated college students stumbling into your room, adamant that your dorm room is where the party is at. You are working to convince people that other players’ rooms are much more fun than yours, so you can pass that final and everyone get the f%$# out

Each player starts with 4 people in the room, indicated by the players’ dice used as a numeric tracker. The first person to 0 wins the game and is dubbed the Nerd, and the player with the most people in their room is dubbed the Party Animal. Each player starts with 5 cards, and whoever took the last test will be the first to go, rotating clockwise to follow. The turn sequence is rather simple: play up to 2 cards, draw back up to 5, tally up who is the Nerd, Party Animal, or Average Student at the end of that players’ turn sequence. The Nerd loses one person, the Party Animal gains one person, and the Average Student has no change in the amount of people. The cards that you are allowed to play include item cards (place into other players’ room) that increase fun in that particular room, action cards (you play the action card, follow the action, and Trash it afterwards), and instant cards (can be played at any time).

The game itself is hugely dependent on the art and party paraphernalia (or at least what I would think would be available at an awesome college party).¬† You have action cards that can vary anywhere from overrated to cuddle puddle, instants that range from hard limit to at capacity, and items that include dance floors, jungle juice, and fast food. What’s rather charming about the art work is that they are sketched out in a comic-like manner, with colored striations and all. So long as you remember that your responsibility is to make the other players’ dorm room appear more party-friendly with hookahs, party paint, or even the ultimate bar, your room will appear much less fun and you’ll be able to nerd it out before your last final.

Perhaps you’ve been the ultimate partier or even the biggest party-pooper; Now Everyone Get The F%$# OUT! is a game that will allow you to relive your college years from both ends of the spectrum. Even the biggest party animal needs to graduate sometime, right?

now everyone get the f%$# out

now everyone get the f%$# out


Stephanie Am

Produces art in the form of food. Favorite mechanics include bluffing and deduction, set collection , point to point movement, and tile placement. Favorite video game genre is Puzzle games.

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