No Blank Left Behind! Innovation in Party Games

 Game: No Blank Left Behind Players: 3- 8
 Publisher: Despicable Games Time: 30 minutes
 Age: 17+ Replayability: 8/ 10

blank this gameNo Blank Left Behind: Innovation in Party Games

I am a broken track record with party games at this point. But what if I told you I was introduced to the cure of the longevity issues a lot of our party games face with repeating cards and overused inside jokes? No Blank Left Behind by Despicable Games introduces whiteboards and dry erase markers to the card czar experience. Yes, that means whatever the question may be (that the judge draws and reads) you are reliant on more than your sense of humor (hopefully it’s great). This game comes equipped with eight whiteboards, eight dry erase markers, and a pool sized collection of cards raging with adult content. Some examples of this game are “If (pick a number between 0- 100) is the answer, what is the question?” giving everyone involved in answering the creative freedom to write or draw whatever they want.

I’m not going to bring any depth into this review from our gameplay but I will be able to elaborate on the influence I feel and hope to see No Blank Left Behind have on future party games. We are looking at an era where virtual reality, console gaming, and mobile gaming are making it harder for our analog gaming to compete (especially with party games as of late). Jack Box Party games are making it impossible to fight the longevity issues with our analog experience versus their virtual gaming. So, all we have left to rely on is innovation. While some games rely on mobile help (featuring soundtracks, apps, or mobile board gaming), others (No Blank Left Behind) rely on the resources of pure analog gaming to emphasize the completeness of “board” gaming and striving for its purest potential. This game comes complete with thought provoking questions (four on each card) and allows enough liberty for the players to always find a need to bring this along to game night, party night, or family night (kidding about that).

blank this gameFinal Thoughts

No Blank Left Behind is a very interactive party game for up to eight players. It is available for gamers of all varieties (being last night I introduced two non-gamers to this party game). There is no learning curve (you can learn wit, but those rules aren’t included) as you are using your own thoughts and knowledge to build a funny joke. There is an absolute replay value which I find is the biggest issue among party games with me. I’d say this is definitely worth its value because of how often I see this game reaching the table. I would say my gripe would be that it’s an adult only party games (which is all we have been seeing lately) and hope we will see a version with a bit more toned down content.

You will like this game if you enjoy party games but are tired of them losing their fun.

You will not like this game if you are sensitive to adult content.



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