Naturally Disastrous Preview

naturally disastrousWhat is Naturally Disastrous?

You and your crew take on the role of Aliens that originally set out on a mission to heal Earth.  It’s what you do, and Earthlings have really destroyed their planet, at least that is what their governments tell them.  So you as a peaceful race of deciding to come fix it.  Well, the Earthlings shoot you down and scatter you and your equipment across the face of a remote brutal landscape.  Your goal is to get off the planet.  While trying to do so you have to avoid the destructive landscape and the Natives who are trying to mutate you into a slave for them.  You achieve this by getting the four communications arrays to the four outermost corners of the map.  Once this is achieved you win.  If you become mutated,  you play on the side of the game.  (bgg)

How do you play it?

First, on your turn you will roll for the map.  The map takes its turn.  This ranges from Volcanoes erupting to the locals coming after you.

Second, all the Natives get a turn.

Finally, you get three actions.  These actions include:


Move and Engage an enemy,

Heal yourself, a friendly or the map,

Probe an item on the map,

Pickup / drop / trade items.

Is there anything you’d like to tell us about the game or its launch?

The game was developed in October of 2015.  The game went through a year of play testing at various conventions throughout the Western US as well as smaller local groups.  A campaign was launched in October of 2016 with a delivery date of February 2017. The game was delivered to its backers at the beginning of December 2016.  Three months early.  The game has been received well and the overall feedback from backers as well as play testers has been very positive.  The components themselves are of extremely high quality.  Silver Lake Games prides themselves on delivering quality games.  Silver Lake Games has it for sale on its website and will be demoing and selling it at SaltCON 2017 (Layton, UT in March) and MeepleCON 2017 (Las Vegas, NV also in March).  A Kickstarter Campaign for the upcoming Mother Ship and Vault expansion is planned for sometime during the 2nd Quarter of 2017.


Joseph Nicholas

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