Munchkin card game Kittens expansion is possibly the cutest RPG

munchkin card game kittensMunchkin card game Kittens expansion is interesting

If you aren’t familiar with Munchkin yet, let me give you a little backstory. Steve Jackson Games introduced at the core, a dungeon romp. What separates Steve Jackson’s game from other RPG’s is the lacking OF the RPG. There is no roleplaying because development of the story is through cards. The cards tell your story and you progress through the luck of the draw. In some cases, this could be seen as one of the best examples of a gateway card game into the RPG setting. At least, I speak for myself when I was able to get a few of my buddies into Pathfinder after playing the Munchkin card game for a while. At the same time, Munchkin takes away the long campaigns people don’t have time for with RPG’s.

The Munchkin card game is notorious for an expansion rate comparing t0 Moore’s Law (That’s a fun term I learned a few days ago meaning doubling every so often). It can be a handful (literally) shuffling cards and not obtaining specifics from the deck (leading to favoratism and ditulion). I feel it’s better (in my own personal opinion) to select a few of the best Munchkin expansions and organize them into different decks for versitale play. Which leads me to the point of this post! Munchkin Kittens!

The Munchkin card game Kittens expansion will be delivering 30 allergy provoking and laser pointing fun! Although this is not a stand-alone will do well when mixed in with he crowd. You will find every kitten pack will be like eachother– even though the illusion of being a ‘booster’ is there. Don’t be fooled! Source. Enjoy cards like Curse Catastrophe, Mewsical Act, and Achieve Purrfection. All this Munchkin kittens for 9.95 when released later next month. Anyone interested in getting their purrfect expansion added to their collection?



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