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monster hunter academyMonster Hunter Academy

So I was introduced to a a game that delivers a year’s service of updates and new content monthly. A board game titled Monster Hunter Academy, which will have monthly monster cards sent out to players who own the game in order to have more content. The first month contains 4 different boards and I believe 12 monsters and their monster information. The game is simplified down to defeating monsters, collecting treasure, and surviving. Each month you’ll be sent a new monster collectible card and 6 new monster game pieces and monster activity sheets. Below I’ll give a more detailed overview of these three game modes.

Treasure Hunt:

Can you be the first to find and claim the treasure? Monster Hunters race against each other to be the first to collect the one and only treasure tile on the board. All players begin at the same starting point and move quickly to win both the treasure and the game. But watch out, not only do monsters and obstacles lie in wait to slow you down or turn you around, but your fellow hunters will be placing new monsters and traps throughout the game.

Monster Hunt: 

Can you confront and capture the most monsters? This version of the game starts with extra monsters and obstacles on the board and the hunters at various starting points. Gameplay ends when all of the monsters have been captured. Stay on your toes to overcome obstacles, and race the other hunters to confront the most monsters. The player with the most beastly trophies is the winner and ultimate monster hunter!

Dungeon Escape:

Can you be the first to brave the dungeon and make it out? Monster Hunters all begin at one end of the dungeon and race to the other end to be the first to escape. Watch your step, because this version is loaded with monsters and obstacles to make an escape treacherous. Source

monster hunter academyI think the idea is pretty neat. As a young’n I anticipated each month’s Lego magazine that my mother subscribed me to and I absolutely loved it. If I knew and had a Monster Hunter Academy as a child I think i’d find the game to be super cool. Every month getting a new monster to play with after I’ve exhausted the rest–I’d be so popular. However, my only concern is the lack of theme the boards have. the squares blocks and brown background are very unappealing and as a kid, it took the scenery to branch my imagination out (even to this day, when I host DnD, I tend to be very colorful and detailed with my worlds). I also feel like the game is a bit too simple to have a year’s worth of entertainment at hand. Sure the game modes seem interesting, but they are very generic. I was hoping for some stories to follow, campaigned to run and so forth. Anyway, still a great idea.

Find more on Monster Hunter Academy at their kickstarter here


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