Mod X Abstract Strategy Board Game Review

 Game: Mod X Time: 20 minutes
 Publisher: Cryptozoic Entertainment Players: 2- 4
 Age: 12+ Replayability: 7.5/10

 mod xMod X Abstract Strategy Board Game Review

I personally love abstract board games because most of the time you see a focus in strategy. Lately, I have been playing Chic a Pig and Fealty because my brother loves high strategy board games and unfortunately (for me anyway) isn’t a fan of high theme and light play. Mod X focuses on the aspects of gaming my brother enjoys, so it was nice to have been sent a game that we can both player together. Mod x is a game built around a set building mechanic. You use your colored X’s to create shapes inside of a grid inside of a board. Each board setup will have five randomly set transparent X’s used as helpers when you are building your sets. Build five in a row, five in the shape of an X, or five in the shape of a plus to score. Once you create the shape, remove your X’s and replace them with your score markers (what is fun is scoring over the previous scored to steal points) The transparent X’s don’t score you points, you will easily find shortcuts to your builds in hopes to score points before your opponents do. Score a certain amount of points based on the player count in order to win. This game is a very functional and a quick abstract piece placing board game that is simple to setup and quick to understand. It fits well in the box with a good size insert for all the pieces.

mod xMy Experience and Final Thoughts

Abstract games aren’t much for experience explaining because of how flavorless the theme is. I do not mean anything negative about that. Abstract games are fantastic at developing strategy and impressing talent in order to win. These are types of games that provide players with a high difficulty as they all become better at the title. My brother and I have an abstract night where we pull out some of our favorite abstract board games and deliver some gruesomely difficult playthroughs against each other. We have completely designed endless streams of points and point stealing as if we were competing in a Super Smash Bros tournament. We could say the same with other abstracts but what is great about Mod X is how simple it is. It’s directly interactive as you will be stealing points from players in order to keep their score down. It can play quick or can benefit from slowing down. I do find that it could be a bit dry for players who are more thematic or wanting some a little more than set placement and score. I do find it could have used different shapes in order to compensate for color blindness, but the colors they do choose have a hue of differences that could be comprehended with more gameplay. For $15, you will definitely get your money’s worth in gameplay and fun.

You will like this game if you are looking for a pure abstract strategy.

You will not like this game if you would like thematic gameplay.




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