Mix and Mayhem

Game: Mix and MayhemTime: 20 minutes
Publisher: Harrison GamesPlayers: 2- 4
Age: 4+Replay Value: medium


Mix and Mayhem is a 2- 4 player battling card game designed and published by Harrison Games. This card game is a system providing multiple games to play using the cards inside, some playing more differently than others. This is also the first of it’s series so in due time, more will be released to mix and match with this deck. There are 72 cards in the deck, 12 of which are actions cards and the other 60 representing a portion of a monster whether it be the legs, the torso, or the head. Now point of the game is to beat you opponent usually by scoring higher than them–but also to enjoy the wild creations that come out of playing the game.

This game is directed toward toddlers or children with children being able to understand the game play more than the toddlers, who will have more fun building monsters out of the cards (from my experience). There are two categories of cards with one being bits of monsters and the other being actions cards. The action cards create a bit of diversity in the games that use them and the monsters are going to be used in all the games available. Each card has a design, a name, and a number value (which is the meat of the game). 

-Creative use of mixing cards
-Great for kids and adults
-Functional game system with multiple games

-Game variety (thus far) isn’t much
-Actions don’t always feel appropriate for game types.

What I Like

With the 6 games I played that are provided in the box, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘attack’, protect the kingdom!, and ‘optimised army’. Both games mentioned are easy to learn and entertaining; I liked that they were the most head to head battle esque game in the box. Protect the Kingdom is the stronger of the games, incorporating a defense system to the style of gameplay you’d fine in attack or Optomised Army.

Not all, but some of other games focus on being the first to build the original form of each monster with a little variation in between–and while they were playable, I did not enjoy them as much. I enjoyed building these crazy creations of skeleton heads mixed up with sluggish body parts, or creating a wolf man or a shark robot. Each crazy build gave the monster a name and a score to be used against other players monsters. The kids I played with enjoyed building the most (ages 4 and 5) and enjoyed counting the score of the cards (didnt care much to win or lose–but I like how much fun they had doing it).

When playing with adults, the action cards do a gerat job creating that difficulty needed to bring the tension and pressure to building high scoring cards while not losing them to a players sneaky ninja card, which allows you to steal a card in play, or boost juice adding 10 points to a monsters score. 

What I Don’t Like

I think the biggest issue with this game system is that a lot of the games are just small reiterations of the games listed. Optimized army is the 2 player iteration of attack or the simplified version of protect the kingdom!, bluff you! is the choosing rendition of complete me! But of course, this is a card game with 72 cards–there isn’t much you CAN do with a limited amount of resources. 

I also felt the action cards did not always feel appropriate to the game type. For a quick example Tornado of Chaos doesn’t work well with 2 players games, not that it’s unplayable, just awkward to implement. In my opinion.

Final Thoughts

Mix and Mayhem is a great idea for children. I say this because the kids I introduced this game to absolutely love building monsters. The game play itself isn’t groundbreaking but it definitely keeps the entertainment up. Some of the game concepts wow’d me more than others and the quick setup and game play make it easy to get on the table to play. It’s a good foundation and I do want to see what more this series and future series will introduce to the game. 


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