Game: MegalandPlayers: 2- 5
Time: 30 minutesAge: 8+
Difficulty: easyReplay Value: high



In this video game world, you live in Megaland preparing to build your city full of arcades, gyms, and ostrich farms? To do so, you’ll be traveling the game’s level fighting monsters, collecting treasures and ultimately getting coins. Megaland is a 2-5 player game that plays best at 4 to balance gameplay with game length. To keep it simple, travel the level collecting resources to build in your city. These city buildings will collect coins. The first player to 20 wins. This game is played around 20 minutes by dungeon styled press your luck, and card drafting. It plays similar to a blend of Machi Koro with dungeon delving. The gameplay is quick and very easy to teach giving this that next level gaming to players familiar with board games but not necessarily playing hour-long titles. Let’s see it.

How To Play

Like and Don’t Like

What I don’t like. I hate to see such little variety in the level, I just can’t help but wish there were a few more cards available to go up against. It so straightforward and predictable after a couple rounds And I’d love to see more of The incredible artwork by Ryan laukat. Let’s hope for an expansion. I think restarting the day phase from the night phase feels a bit disjointed. getting into the level can feel clunky and a little underwhelming.

I love the gameplay and am a huge fan of the game length. It never feels exhausting and the turns go by pretty quickly. The artwork is fantastic and nothing short of the expectations. I love the blend of city building and dungeon crawling. Multiple card types create a lot of replay value. And none of the buildings are difficult to figure out their function.

Final Thoughts

This game is surely geared toward family-friendly, seasoned gamers will find the strategy and depth fall short. But it’s still a fun game. It’s around 25$ and only at Target. I actually love having this a part of my collection. I can’t bring this game out whenever I want. City builder for casual play with.


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