Your Favorite Marvel Hero and Their Matching Board Game

marvel board games

Marvel Board Games

With the release of Civil War and the hype it has developed over the past few years with Marvel having a fantastic turn around from their tribulating situation they once had themselves in (I still wish they could’ve bought back more X Men before the movie, however Fantastic Four can stay with Fox, I don’t mind). I felt it was only right to come up with a nice correlation between your favorite superhero and which board game I think you may like because of it. Now keep in mind, I’ll be using hero’s in the marvel Avengers movies, not based off the Avengers comics. That is far too many heroes to come up with board games for.  What marvel character represents what board games? marvel board games


marvel board gamesIron ManQuadropolis– Like Tony Stark’s own billionaire persona, in Quadropolis each player builds their own metropolis, competing with one another for the shops, parks, public services and other structures to be placed in them. I feel they both involve the determination to be better than their former self and they both use any available resources to come up on top and be victorious.

marvel board gamesCaptain AmericaPandemic Legacy– These are characters we could consider heroes of our own. They are fighting a pandemic of worldwide spread diseases and viruses that can completely wipe us out. Like cap’, Pandemic Legacy pulls out the tactical and strategic side out of us. We need to work together to overcome this dilemma, and we need to do it right the first time.

marvel board gamesScarlet WitchSentinels of the Multiverse– this is a cooperative card game where you all will chose a hero to battle against a villain. I find that Scarlet Witch is a very powerful Avenger, she has multiple different abilities including telekinesis, energy blasts, and shields. Like Scarlet, Sentinels of the Multiverse all have unique powers and abilities used to stop the villain.

marvel board gamesBlack Widow– Forbidden Desert– You and your team have crash landed in an ancient desert city. You will be using your resources carefully and relying on your team to make good calls and to maintain an equilibrium in teamwork. No matter what trials and tribulations you may face, you know you will always keep your team together. No one person is responsible for the situations you may find yourself involved in. Find your ships pieces and win the game.

marvel board gamesHulkTerror in Meeple City– In Terror in Meeple City, you are a monster that has just arrived in Meeple City. You feast upon everything in sight to satisfy your hunger. On your turn, you will knock down buildings and eat meeples. Here’s the twist, your opponents, who are also monsters, have the same goals as you–eat everything. I feel this relates well with Hulk’s violent and rampant behavior. You may ask how I play Rampage. You want to know my secret? I’m always angry.

marvel board gamesThor7 Wonders– Like Thor, 7 Wonders is all about making a name for yourself, developing into the mightiest city you can be. You will lead your civilization to victory through levelling up through the ages which will be  involved with deck building aspects and collection of resources and military domination. Thor is not afraid to go to war for Asgard, you should not be afraid to fight for your kingdom either.

marvel board gamesHawkeyeDungeon Fighter– Being all about dexterity and accuracy, Dungeon Fighter has you and your team run through dungeons of enemies, treasures, and shops. You will be crawling through this dungeon using dice to physically toss it at a target in order to attack mobs. Like Hawkeye, you will need perfect accuracy in order to hit them with striking blows and to avoid getting damaged. marvel board games

marvel board gamesWar MachineZombicide– this is a cooperative board game where each player takes on a survivor with a unique ability. With teamwork, you will fight off hordes of zombies. This is a game that focuses on team strategy because you will have a lot of zombies to deal with. This board game offers plenty of scenarios and opportunities to show off your skills.

marvel board gamesFalconArkham Horror– You and your team will fight off monsters, gather clues, and save the world together. This is a big game that delivers exploration, deck drawing, collecting certain allies, and fighting monsters. Like Falcon, this game has you dedicated to your team. You will do what it takes to save world, and you will do it with your best by your side.

marvel board gamesBlack PantherFive Tribes– Being honorable through hard times is what Black Panther represents; those who fight for a cause. in Five Tribes, you will be manoeuvring characters around the board in order to gain influence among the area. You will be involved with assassins, merchants, elders, builders, and viziers working together influence their actions in order for you to become the true great sultan. Marvel board games

marvel board gamesAnt ManMice and Mystics– Size is what matters with both ant man and the mice escaping from Vanestra. Ant Man uses his size to his advantage being able to shrink to incredibly small sizes and grow to sizes parallel to Goliath. How hero’s in Mice and Mystics use their size to their advantage because if they don’t they’ll be destroyed by far more evil than minions sent out by Vanestra.

marvel board gamesSpidermanCodenames– Spiderman is known for being one of the most concealed of all identities in the universe. With that being said, Codenames is all about finding secret identities. Use your spymaster abilities to phrase a collection of cards with one word.

marvel board gamesVisionT.I.M.E. Stories– Something about going back in time to never fail reminds me of Vision. Vision fights for a cause and stops at nothing for it. You will be given a briefing, and with as few many attempts as possible, complete missions with your units. Again, you literally can’t fail. You can revert time–yeah, you’re powerful.


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