Mageling Kickstarter Preview


How to play:
The Evertree—ancient guardian of the forest—is dying, and a group of young mages are on a quest to save it. They must gather powerful scrolls and travel through dangerous locations to reach the Cloud Chamber atop the Sky Tower of Aeruim where they will fight for the fate of the Evertree.

Mageling is a strategic ‘dice activation’ game of mystical mayhem for 1-4 players that can be played cooperatively or competitively in 40-90 minutes. It plays like a deck building game, except that it is powered by dice instead of shuffling.

The game starts where you randomize your quest represented by five stacks of cards, each stack of adventures has four possible options, and draw one from each set setting it face down, this will be your adventure from the Evertree up to the final showdown in the Cloud Chamber. Next five scrolls and/or spirits are laid out in a row under the adventure. You play the game by rolling dice which have several different symbols on them. You’ll choose any dice to keep and then re-roll the rest. Each matching symbol plus any hand symbols (called finesse) is the amount of energy you generate can generate by placing these dice onto the ‘focus section of your spirit crystal. Pairs of matching dice can be spent to generate mana. Now you can spend energy and mana to buy scrolls. To use a scroll that you have acquired you are going to set aside a die with a rune that matches the rune on the top of the scroll you are activating. Then you set the die on top of the scroll which activates it, giving you the benefits of the special power which can range from generating energy, giving you mana (which is energy you earn in a permanent form to be spent at any time), activate another scroll, change the side of a die, mimic a scroll,  etc. Now along the quest path you defeat the challenge set forth at each location by having enough energy and mana to equal the number at the top of the location card which generally ranges for 6 to 19 needed to defeat the challenge. When new locations are reached, they are flipped over to reveal the unique challenge that players will face at that location. The first player to step all the way through the adventure and defeat the final challenge is the victor. Mageling also has solo and cooperative modes in which you must defeat all of the locations befor the Evertree runs out of mana.

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