Game: Lumini
Developer: Speelbars
Release date: Summer 2015
Lumini_05In Lumini, you control a flock of flying creatures aptly known as Lumini. Lumini takes place on a far-off alien planet full of beast and botany which are just as dangerous as they are beautiful. You guide your Luminis through a series of caves and ruins as they attempt to restore their planet’s peace. But the path before them will be tedious as creatures much bigger than them consider the Luminis a tasty meal.  Fortunately, there are multiple types of Luminis, each with their own abilities, which can help them survive the perilous planet. Additionally, you will sometimes have to split your flock into two separate groups and help them navigate through some clever puzzles.

What makes Lumini so special is how relaxing and mysterious the game is. You can spend hours mesmerized watching your flock adventure down every path and enjoy it just as much as you would if you only tried to advance the story. Lumini has also managed to put together a fantastic audio track. The chirps your Lumini’s make and the game’s background music are very soothing to listen to and really add to the game’s immersive environment.


Unfortunately, Lumini is not without its faults. The game’s keyboard controls can become a little difficult when trying to control your herd. Because of this, the developers recommend using a game pad if you have access to one. I did not have one so I could only imagine how much more fluid my flocks would have been had I been using a set of joysticks instead of WASD and arrow keys.

Final Thought: Overall, Lumini is a fun game that takes place in an imaginative world. With awe-inspiring visuals, charming sounds, and engaging puzzles; it’s simple enough that casual gamers can easily pick it up and immersive enough that hardcore gamers can enjoy spending countless hours exploring every detail. So sit back, relaxing, and enjoy finding your peace with Lumini.


Alex James

Gaming has always been one of his strongest passions. Favorite mechanics include hand management, worker placement, set collecting, and card drafting.

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