Lost Woods: Can You Get Out?

 Game: lost Woods Age: 12+
 Publisher: Poppy Jasper Games Players: 1- 6
 Time: 30 minutes Replayability: 7.5/10

 lost woodsLost Woods: Can You Get Out?

When I get lost in the woods (Which never happens) I can’t help but get paranoid of the paranormal. I’ve seen Blaire Witch one too many times and I am terrified of the wood because of it. So when you introduce to me Lost Woods, the first thing I want to do (and coincidently the objective) is leave the woods alive and able. In Lost Woods, you take on one of six players trying to escape the woods full of monsters and magic. Each player is on their own with the only cooperation involved coming from exploring the woods. It’s a functional tile placement game that has you rolling dice to fight enemies, collecting weapons and potions for higher odds, and a hand full of bosses waiting to stop you from winning the game. It has a solid graphical design all the components are high quality and fit nicely in a box.  The rules are simple en0ugh, however, I did find myself confused with one portion of the gameplay. The rulebook never mentions when we get to “explore” the new tiles we place down; after watching some walkthrough videos–each placement of a new tile has you draw an event tile from the bag. While it’s an important piece of information, it wasn’t hard to find an answer.

In Lost Woods, you will be traveling through directions listed on the starting tile and later placed tiles drawing more tiles from decks labeled North, South, West, and East. With each new placement, you will draw an event tile (weapon, monster, potion…) from the bag randomly and place it. Depending on the drawn event tiles outcome you will collect a weapon, fight a monster, or pick up a potion. Monsters are fought with dice (which range from D4- D20 depending on the weapon of choice) and when they died will reward you with gold. The first person to escape the woods wins.

My Experience

I played both a game with three players and as a solo experience. I was the white player in this game (right? Not green for the first time ever) and decided to run east once and drive my way south. I picked up a D8 weapon along the way and equipped it. The next player ran his way West while the third player followed me. The third player and I were definitely making a dent in the south and east piles because of how quick we were moving. Not every tile would lead down so we decided to draw from the east in order to run through two types of tiles. Throughout my journey, I was fighting monsters at a lower level than me that I was able to kill instantly with my D12 weapon I eventually picked up (I must have been lucky). I did notice we as a group did not have many monster encounters and instead were able to fill up our inventory with weapons and potions. Perhaps we got lucky with our drawing? Player two picked up a magic weapon which gave them the ability to switch an equipment from himself with one of mine or third players. He took my D 12 and switched it for a D4 he picked up (I was upset, but not too worried). Third player made their way to the exit and killed the exit boss before any of us because at one point she continued west when she noticed the west tiles were lower than the south and the east. I think collectively we fought about fifteen monsters?

My solo experience was pretty neat because it was part of a variant called survival where you and anyone else playing divide up the players evenly and try to have them all escape. This variant comes with a food spinner which has you become hungry as you run through the woods. In order for me to win, I needed to have collected 20 gold before the food spinner runs out. Which was a bit tough as a solo game but wasn’t terrible. I did enjoy the variant a bit more than the base gameplay.

lost woodsFinal Thoughts

This is a fun tile placement board game for one to six players. It’s directly interactive in some ways but mainly runs as an independent experience. I found there to be no learning curve and available for anyone to try out. I love the design of the graphics and enjoyed the concept of the random event tiles. I did find that I was a bit disappointed with the use of gold and was hoping for a market of some sort in order to spend the gold we collect. Instead, they are used to keep your weapons when you die (dying has you discard a weapon or a gold piece).

You will like this game if you are looking for a dungeon crawling tile placement board game with an emphasis on luck.

You will not like this game if you enjoy strategy and skill board games. Being a tile placement, a lot of the game is random.



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