Little Red Riding Hood board game preview

little red riding hood

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Well, Iello Games does it again. They bring another classic fable to the table. With games like Three Little Pigs and The Hare and the Tortoise, we can now enjoy a Little Red Riding Hood board game!

This time, we aren’t joining the woods alone–this is a cooperative experience. For 1- 5 players the Little Red Riding Hood board games pits you against the wolf as you and your united forces are on your way to grandmas house. Shuffle your path cards, lay down your pawns, and get ready for a very fun take on our favorite classic, Little Red Riding Hood

At the start of the game reveal the a path card and place tokens equal to the number of flowers listed on the card. If you decide to continue, hope the next card you flip is either equal to or greater than the previous card and card location between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 OR else the gathering stops. Once you manually stop (which means you stop prior to being forced to stop) flip over the tokens and count the flowers available and move Red Riding Hood (or other classic roles) that many spaces. To win, reach grandmas cottage before the wolf does! For more on the little red riding hood board game visit


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