Like Zombie Dice? Try Martian Dice!

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 Like Zombie Dice Try Martian Dicelike zombie dice

If you Like Zombie Dice, which is a fantastic little dice game that involves you being a zombie and needing to eat brains. Each dice includes 3 symbols and 3 colors diversely. The symbols and what they mean are shoes, splatter, and brain which are escape, damage, and 1 point respectively. You roll the 13 dice and begin collecting brains in order to score points. Each scatter is a shotgun to the face of your zombie self–3 of them and you lose the round including all the brains you have collected that turn. Keep in mind that the colors correlated to the dice determine the difficulty of collecting brains and getting shot. In the end of it all, this title is a great little compact dice game. It relies on random generated outcomes and is easy for anyone to pick up. 5/5 gateway-ability.

like zombie diceMartian Dice is Zombie Dice’s older cousin. Throughout the game you will be rolling dice and collecting earthlings. Symbols include: tanks, humans, cows, chickens, and ufos. These tanks freeze the dice and you can no longer use them (they need to be less than or equal to the number of UFO’s you keep at the end of your turn in order to keep your score). You will not collect any earthling dice (cows, chickens, or humans) as long as you have more tanks than you do UFO’s. So, while you are collecting earthlings for points, make sure to also be watching out for the amount of tanks you roll and the amount of dice you have left to get UFO’s. While the gateway-ability is a 3/5 for me, I think it’s not a bad idea to transition to this title after you’ve exhausted Zombie dice (or got a few rounds in to get the idea of the game).

So, Like Zombie dice? Try Martian Dice


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