Like Love and Romance board games? Try And Then We Held Hands!

like thisLike Love and Romance board games? Try And Then We Held Hands!

Love is in the air and romance board games are out and about with this Valentines day looking to be a chilly one, might as well grab some blankets, cuddle up, and enjoy some romantic board gaming for the lovely couple of you (I play this with my homies all the time, so even if you don’t have love, singles night is the best night). And Then We Held Hands pits you and your lover trying to find the emotional equilibrium you both once had. Starting at a distance, each player will take turns seeking emotional balance through playing cards that match up to the players next turn. Keep in mind, this game will be played silently, you will be guided by the power of connection between your partner. It’s a beautifully minimal board game that does a great job translating the feelings of lows and highs in a relationship through a board game. Not to mention, this game is illustrated by no other Marie Cardouat, also known for her work in Steam Park and Dixit.

So, all in all, this Valentine would benefit you and your partner through the emotional wrecks and the lovely highs when paired with And Then We Held Hands. If you’re interested in romance board games you can find it this one here for purchase.

Happy Valentines Day!


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