Like Libertalia? Try Battlecruisers!

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Like Libertalia? Try Battlecruisers!

There is a special mechanic that I have recent;y grown very fond of lately, that is card “role selection”. This mechanic has all players simultaneously share a card they played from there hand, any cards that are the same will cancel each other out. We definitely have a nice handful of these type of games on the spectrum of the vast list of games available to us. But it’s definitely interesting to see more come to the plate. I know I wouldn’t mind seeing developers take advantage of this mechanic and expand on everything else.

like libertaliaLibertalia has players manage a team of pirates collecting loot and fighting anything that gets in their way. Play cards from a hand similar to all your opponents with minor differences in your cards happening as the game progresses. Each round can bring back used cards, introduce new cards, or if anything, rid of your opponent’s cards. In the end of it all the engagement, it’s whoever has the most treasure that wins. The game comes with a beautiful ship board with a graphic focus on realism. While a bit longer of a game–it’s definitely engaging. Amazon

like libertaliaSo, the game like Libertalia is Battlecruisers. Battlecruisers similarly has players all holding the same cards in their hand. However, Tmg found a way to shorten the play time and expand on the gameplay than the accessory. Everything about the card game is right in front of you. Your colors deck of cards, which have text that is activated off the cards action text or clash text along with a little character color play sheet acting as a quick how-to. Your hand will have a discarded card, a recovery card, and six other cards available to play at the beginning. This will be changing quite frequently as the game progresses. On the next round your card will shift to recovery and your recovery will shift to your hand. Cards continue to reflect libertalia actions with forced discards and clashing text that hinders your progress. But is an absolute grand time and an easy way to play a game similar to Libertalia in less than 15 minutes. Amazon


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